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Kubit is a strong system integration and communication solution provider in the fast growing enterprise market. The company has the strength and capability to design, deploy, and manage complex video  surveillance systems, data network infrastructure for both wired and wireless, AV solution to build state of the art board rooms and meeting rooms, command and control centers and data center infrastructure.
Kubit is an end to end Customized Solution Provider and a true system integrator with strong project management capabilities. This has enabled the company to execute end to end solution encompassing voice, video, data, & security bundled with array of services.

Our main focus is to offer IP-based video  surveillance applications and services to enterprise customers in order to improve their business communication and productivity.

The company’s services portfolio cover life cycle services, managed services, professional services, and maintenance support services.

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Kubit helps companies provide a safe and secure workplace, through reliable, thoughtful and timely service. We will only represent products of the highest quality. Each and every employee of Kubit must genuinely support our creed of reliable service.


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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Network Video

Network video, often also called IP-based video surveillance or IP-Surveillance as it is applied in the security industry, uses a wired or wireless IP network as the backbone for transporting digital video, audio and other data. When Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is applied, the network can also be used to carry power to network video products.

A network video system allows video to be monitored and recorded from anywhere on the network, whether it is, for instance, on a local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) such as the Internet.

The core components of a network video system consist of the network camera, the video encoder (used to connect to analog cameras), the network, the server and storage, and video management software. As the network camera and the video encoder are computer-based equipment, they have capabilities that cannot be matched by an analog CCTV camera.

Not all IP Video Solutions are the same. At Kubit, we take the time to develop the right standards to have the right product fit your needs. The deployment of integrated IP Video Solutions is much more complex and requires the consideration of multiple factors. This includes analyzing your network capacity for bandwidth, determining network type (dedicated or corporate), storage requirements (RAID or redundant), fail-over capabilities, number of users, server architecture, etc. This also means selecting the right camera for the right application, including megapixels (resolution), light levels and sensitivity, additional illumination requirements, distance limitations (copper or fiber) and backlighting issues.

Command and Control Center

Kubit uses common sense easy-to-use design guidelines to create a Command and Control Console that meets your firm’s individual needs.



We integrate the different technologies together so that, for example, an alarm or an intercom will automatically call up the associated camera for an operator to easily review the event. Other types of integration include PeopleSoft and LDAP, insuring that your Access Control database is updated with new files without any additional administrative overhead; Networks (corporate or dedicated, with multiple subnets); Video Walls with different visual perspectives.


We segregate all non-essential equipment and install them into vertical racks. This decreases clutter as well as enhances serviceability.


We design the console(s) so that a single guard can manage your entire building or campus, automating all security functions. This reduces your overall operating costs as well as increases personnel performance.

Key Factors in Product and System Selection

Easy of Use

Many of the primary video management systems are replete with an array of technical features that are difficult for the everyday operator to use. From our experience, ease-of-use is one of the key factors affecting client preferences


Everything has to work in the field with a high level of reliability and performance.

Remote Accessibility

With network video, users can access real-time video at any time from any authorized computer anywhere

Scalability and Flexibility

A network video system can grow with a user’s needs – one camera at a time, while analog systems can often only grow in steps of four or 16 at a time


All devices must be able to perform under a broad array of conditions including low light, backlighting, good data compression and wide dynamic range flexibility.

Integration with Access Control

Any Video Management System must be able to fully integrate with an Access Control platform, enabling cameras to be automatically called up in the event of an alarm.


Video surveillance systems produce massive amounts of video. Due to lack of time or resources however, most of this video never gets watched or reviewed. As a result, security incidents get missed and suspicious behavior is not detected in time to prevent incidents. These challenges have played a large part in the development of video analytics.
Video analytics are software applications that automatically generate descriptions of what is actually happening in the video (so-called metadata), which can be used to list persons, cars and other objects detected in the video stream, as well as their appearance and movements. This information can then be used as the basis on which to perform actions, e.g. to decide if security staff should be notified, or if a recording should be started.



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